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Serie 15 - Lagoon Elite Pack

Race on incredible Lagoon tracks and become the #1 (or die tryin')


The Serie 15 is the TrackMania² Lagoon campaign, starring the brand new environment from TrackMania Turbo, recently added on ManiaPlanet : Lagoon ! Enjoy the paradisiac scenery to wander on shining islands, drive on beaches during sunsets, go from the sliding wood to an ultra-adhering road (for the ones who come from TMU, it's a sort of KB-friendly mix between Bay and Snow, without slides), challenge gravity with the impressive rollercoasters, drive between buildings and grass, jump on roofs, bounce on the water like you never did before (even in TrackMania United on Sunrise environments you don't bounce that strong) and, last but not least, enjoy the rest next to your favorite pool !
As usual, the campaign is divided into four subcampaigns : Classic Lagoon (65 tracks), Bonus Lagoon (65 tracks with memes), Rollercoaster Mania (21 Rollercoaster-only tracks, feat. Speedboosts ^^) and Beach Time (21 sand-only tracks), more information below ;)

INFO : I highly recommend you to download the complete sign pack from TrackMania Turbo (that you can find in the "Other stuff" section) to play the tracks, otherwise you won't be able to see the signs (didn't put any locator :FeelsNoobMan:)

  • Classic Lagoon
  • Bonus Lagoon
  • Rollercoaster Mania
  • Beach Time

Classic Lagoon

Since Lagoon is a recent environment (at least people who didn't have TrackMania Turbo discovered it only in May 2017), it's obvious that you still need to step up (I do aswell ^^) ! That's why I give you 65 tracks so that you can become the master of Lagoon ! You can drive the tracks themselves and improve your PBs, and step up in this brand new environment ; or you'll be able to do some walk through the sceneries everywhere : just go and find the 65 hidden screenshots ! ;)

Track list :

  • Serie 15 - Classic A01
  • Serie 15 - Classic A02
  • Serie 15 - Classic A03
  • Serie 15 - Classic A06
  • Serie 15 - Classic A07
  • Serie 15 - Classic A11
  • Serie 15 - Classic A12
  • Serie 15 - Classic B01
  • Serie 15 - Classic B06

Track Info

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