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What's TrackMania ?

If you don't know that awesome game that is called TrackMania, this page is for you. ;)

TrackMania is an online racing game that was released for the first time in November 2003. Its strength comes from its singular assets as a racing game. You are especially able to :

  • Race on incredible tracks against ghosts created by players (no IA)
  • Benefit from a high racing experience without any collision
  • Build incredible tracks, beautiful skins, editing great videos

Environments in TrackMania²

There are several environments in TrackMania, each one offering a unique driving style. All cars on a single environment have equal physics, that means changing 3D model won't affect your gameplay. This way, you don't have to do multiple hours of driving to get your level back if you ever happened to lose your account data ;)

The game also benefits from a massive online experience : players create servers with their tracks and a singular record system, so that other people can come and have fun. There once were 250 players on the same server, that means 250 people driving on the same track in the same time !

Ready to join the adventure ? Just click on one of the two links below :