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Who's Toyeca ?

Time to learn to know me through this page ! You'll discover who I am in-game, and some details about me in real life !

Let's start talking about myself in real life. My first name is Yann, I'm a French 19-year-old student who is currently in the French engineer school CentraleSupelec. I live in the south of France, near Montpellier even though I study in Metz (near Germany). You'll find all my TM history below :)

*When I met TrackMania

I discovered TM at the age of 7, when my father played TrackMania Sunrise and Nations. I gave TMSunrise a try and I found it funny ^^ I was only able to get Bronze and Silver medals xD I sometimes used the track editor for fun, I remember I was so excited when I realized that you could change the height for blocks, and maintain left click to build roads (I only built short ground tracks with plain terrain back then xD)

*Discovering the online world, the community, etc.

I really began to play TrackMania late 2009, at the age of 11, when my father left TrackMania nearly for good (he played a lot on Nations under the names of Sortile12 and then Scrat, hence my login :p), he then gave me his United (Forever) account, and I started my activity online under the nickname of BloodMaster (silly nickname haHAA), I was a bit immature (you're not supposed to be an adult at 12, are you ? ^^'), and I mostly raced on RPG tracks back then.

*Rising up in the online rankings

I took many LP in mid 2010 (June) when I played on LOL servers (RIP Mini Lol V7, you'll forever be missed :cry:), I kept on earning Ladder Points until October 2010 when I raced on Nascar and then Stunt tracks (ye I did Stunt in the past o_O) and finally got 80K LP. Then I raced on Coast until March 2011 when I reached 90K LP and did RoC for the first time, between complaining "aahh f**k I'm too noob" and requeues xD
I know with the experience that ranking means nothing, but well I was glad of being able to race among what I called "pros" back then, and being first is still some accomplishment ^^ I raised to the first place in October 2014 for one week, again in early 2016 for nearly two months, and again in middle 2016 for the same length before totally stopping RoC, after five years of activity.

*A full Solomode adventure to the world rankings

I began a real activity in official mode late 2011. My aim was to get many tracks with 6k or 7k SP back then, and I was able to do some nice scores on Stunt (45k on StuntA3 was unbelievable for me), or on Stadium and Bay, until I reached the million in April 2012. Then, Skillpoints began to exponentially raise : 2 million in October (I got better on Desert and I could get many 60K-70K scores and even some 100K's), 3 million in December 2012, 4 million in mid-January 2013. And then I got the pad which helped me to set good (then great) scores in Island.
My first "important" score was on DesertB1 : 530K SP in July 2013 which helped me reach 8 million points. In November came my first 7-figure score with 1,05 million on DesertA5 with a time of 18.03. Then I kept on getting good scores on Desert and progressively got hundreds of thousands of points on other environments aswell. I reached 15 million in April 2014, 20 million one year after (June), while my activity was decreasing.
Snow helped a lot to reach 20 million, and even 30 million points on early 2016 when I got 1,3 million on a non-Snow total luck map (StarStadiumA2), 700K on SnowB2 and 960K on SnowA1. I reached 40 million early August 2016 after a huge breakthrough in Island where I earned millions of points through 400K-500K on single maps. I managed to get 10th worldwide at the end of August (23rd), and two days after I signed my best score so far and still current official WR on a totally lucky map... DesertA4, which brings me 3,6 million points right now.
I managed to get more and more SP then, and could reach 50 million points with Bay and Rally tracks, and 60 million with Coast ones. I currently have 67 million points on TMUF, I managed to reach 70 million on April this year thanks to the new cuts found in Bay D tracks, but dropped quickly as soon as my WRs got beaten (RIP BayC3)
I stopped solomode on TMUF, letting behind me five years of hunting, I might do one or two races in the future, but globally I have turned the page and switched to TrackMania² since ManiaPlanet 4 was released.

*My "relation" to track editor

As soon as I started to know TM I began to build tracks. The first ones were really basic (only 10 seconds, only plain roads, etc. but well I was 7 years old back then heh), then I learned to use more diverse blocks and to try different blocks, how they work, and then I could build longer and higher maps, even though they remained noobish (you can't even classify them as Lolmaps xD). I began to build maps with sense late 2010 ; I tried building RPG and LOL tracks (I didn't play United environments that much back then), and I remember having built a lot of LOL maps from November 2010 to March 2011 and even later...
I began campaign tracks with the Custom United Campaign (named Serie 1) early 2012. My mapping style at this time was : mostly Nadeo-style, many mountains, some "technical" parts but globally it remained some "bad" remix of Nadeo's United Campaign. Series 2 and 3 on TrackMania Sunrise and Original were better built, but only Series 4 and 5, and even more Serie 6 (Stadium only), began to have a step-up, especially in the scenery. I uploaded the Serie 6 on my TMUF Manialink in August in 2013. And then, and it's visible throughout the whole Serie 6, my trackstyle changed drastically.
Serie 7 and 8, the Master Collection and Star Track campaigns, began to implement bigger and bigger scenery (especially on D tracks, that have been created mid 2014), and trying to be as sophisticated as possible : for the Serie 7, varying obstacles, for the Serie 8, varying roads and corners. Serie 9, 10 and 11 came after with quite the same logic, including MediaTracker (intros, GPS and outros). And I've recently started building tracks in ManiaPlanet since the fourth version.

*To sum up : information in-game (statistics)

  • Login : scrat (TMUF and TM2)
  • Nickname : Toyeca
  • TMUF Solo Ranking : 7th
  • TMUF Skillpoints : ~69 million (it can presumably drop down)
  • TMUF best online ranking : 1st with 100 000 LP
  • TMUF favorite environments : Island and Snow
  • Canyon solo information : 6,17 million SP (18th/55000)
  • Valley solo information : 2,39 million SP (16th/21000)
  • Lagoon solo information : 2,09 million SP (13th/11000)
  • Stadium solo information : 2,67 million SP (197th/191000)
  • TM2 favorite environment : Valley
  • More than 1000 campaign tracks created so far