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Serie 14 - Valley Elite Pack

Go for a full collection of unique Valley tracks !


The Serie 14 is the TrackMania² Valley campaign. Valley is a peaceful and quiet environment with various sceneries that you can enjoy through 172 unique tracks. Enjoy a quiet ride through narrow roads and dirt in wide forests, camp on the grass as well as on dirt, meet trains, visit castles, drive on tall bridges, relax between wheat fields, accelerate on normal circuit roads (with ramps and loopings) and drive on cliffs with the brand new hill blocks you already discovered through TrackMania Turbo !
The campaign is divided into four full-Valley subcampaigns : Classic Valley (65 tracks), Bonus Valley (65 tracks), Acrobatic Valley (21 tracks) and Dirty Valley (aka Terrain tracks, 21 tracks), more information about each pack below ;)

  • Classic Valley
  • Bonus Valley
  • Acrobatic Valley
  • Dirty Valley

Classic Valley

Similarly to the Classic Pack, its Serie 13 counterpart, this 65-track subcampaign will allow you to step up your Valley skills through unique sceneries and a restful atmosphere. Don't drive, live the race as if you were actually inside ! From road to dirt, from grass to castles, you'll have enough choice to enjoy the environment to its best ! You can also wander through an astonishing scenery and try to find the 65 screenshots hidden into the track :)
Ready to run the roads ? Then just look for the tracks below ! :)

Track list :

  • Serie 14 - Classic A01
  • Serie 14 - Classic A02
  • Serie 14 - Classic A03
  • Serie 14 - Classic A04
  • Serie 14 - Classic A06
  • Serie 14 - Classic A07
  • Serie 14 - Classic A08
  • Serie 14 - Classic A09
  • Serie 14 - Classic A11
  • Serie 14 - Classic A12
  • Serie 14 - Classic A13
  • Serie 14 - Classic A14
  • Serie 14 - Classic B01
  • Serie 14 - Classic B06
  • Serie 14 - Classic B11
  • Serie 14 - Classic C01

Track Info

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